"Good For" List

We daily wash and dry our hands, some more than others depending on what type of work you do.  Most commercial soaps will dry out and leave your hands chapped and cracking. Our soaps contain natural oils and ingredients that help keep your hands supple and feeling good.

**Goat Milk--When it goes through the saponification process to make soap                                           it retains glycerin which helps retain moisture in your skin
                      during cleansing.
                      Contains properties to help with skin rejuvenation.
                      Natural emollients, vitamins A & B, triglycerides, minerals
                      potassium, magnesium, and phosphorous
                      Relieves dryness and itching; helps with skin conditions like
   psoriasis, eczema, & acne

**Olive Oil--Moisturizer, high in antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, helps to
       condition the skin, helps to decrease stretch marks, 
                   anti-fungal, antibacterial

**Coconut Oil--Anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties.
                     Helps with aging skin, combats wrinkles, good for eczema, 
               dermatitis, high in fat

**Palm Oil—Contains antioxidants that help with aging skin.  Creates a
                  softer younger looking skin.  Contains Vitamin E, K, high in fats
                  beta-carotine, & anti-oxidants.

**Almond Oil (Sweet)-- Relieves itching, soreness, dryness & inflammation
                   caused by eczema, psoriasis & any type of dermatitis.
                   Useful against burns & thread veins, lubricating- not absorbed
                   quickly but easily.
                   Contains minerals, vitamins A, B, B6, E, fatty acids, oleic and
                   some linoleic acids

**Apricot Kernal Oil-- Good for mature skin. Helps with irritated, inflamed,
                       and acne prone skin. Absorbed easilly. Has Vitamin A & E.

**Castor Oil-- Soothes and promotes healing of dry skin.  It's germicidal, antifungal,
                      and insecticidal.  Contains fatty acids to help prevent drying and acts
                      as a barrier on the skin.

**Flax Oil-- Contains omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, vitamin B & K, zinc, lecithin, magnesium
                  Helps reduce inflammation & promote healing; helps with psoriasis, eczema,
                  acne, & sunburn skin; helps to seal moisture in the skin.

**Grapeseed Oil-- Helps promote hair growth, has astringent properties, regenerative &
                   restructuring qualities that combat the effects of aging & has powerful
                   antioxidants.  Emollients help seal moisture in the skin.

**Hazelnut Oil-- Astringent, readily absorbed, helps to tone & tighten the skin, deep
                   penetrating & stimulating to circulatory system, non-greasy.

**Neem (Tree) Oil -- For pets--helps to kill fleas and ticks.  Contains omega 6 & 9 fatty
                     acids, Vit E, contains azadirachtin--regulator of insect growth,
                    antiseptic, anti-parasitic, antiviral, used to alleve dry itchy skin and to
                    treat acne, boils, head lice, and scabies

**Safflower Oil-- Good for mature or drying skin, highly moisturizing, conditions skin,
                    contains vit E, omega 6, high in linoleic acid

**Shay Butter-- A cuticle & skin softner, absorbed quickly and good for dry, cracked
                     skin.  Used to relieve muscle aches.

**Sunflower Oil-- Creates protective barrier against irritants to skin.  Rick in omega 6,
                     vitamins A,C,D,E & high in essential fatty acids.  Conditioning and             
                     regenerative to the skin.

**Tea Tree Oil-- Natural antibacterial disinfectant, helps agains fungus, viruses &  
                     bacteria.  Good for skin ailments like: acne, abscesses, oily skin, blisters,
                     sun burns, athletes foot, warts, insect bites, rashes & dandruff.

**Walnut Oil-- Easily absorbed, moisturizing, regenerative, & has toning properties.
                      Rich in antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B 1,2,3, E, C, niacin,
                      & antioxidants.  Helps with eczema, psoriasis, skin paracites, and
                      skin wounds.

**Wheat Germ Oil-- Combats oxidation process of skin cells due to free radicals and
                      exposure to the elements.  Helps prevent & aids in treatment of dry,
                      rough, and aging skin.
                      Contains oleic & linoleic fatty acids that are soothing to the skin, high
                      in vitamin A,E,D, & B complex, carotenoids, lecithin, minerals, proteins.

**NOTE** This is only a partial list of what each of these oils can
                              do for your skin.   This is the highlights of my research on them.